"The coaching exceeded my expectations. I understood how to deal with stress, how to balance and prioritize things and also how to say no.


But also, it gave me confidence. I feel that now I can deal and stand up for my beliefs and opinions if I need to. I also learnt that my family and friends (my people) are a fundamental part of my life.

The main takeaway is REALISING that I can CHOOSE the way I deal with things, Before I did not dedicate time to think about this kind of things and I tended to just go on and on carrying everything on my shoulders.

I think you do it very well. You made me feel in a very safe place and you made me connect with you. I really felt like I was with one of my best friends talking."

Elisa Maduro, Venezuela

 Architect/ Designer


“Tara you know how to hit the right nerve and you connect on a profound level. You made me see answers standing clear in front of me. Because of what you do I realised  that I love myself. You have no idea how you and your sessions influence me. Thank you so much”

(Respectfully anonymous)


"Tara is amazing. I did several months of coaching with her and it was more cathartic, productive and insightful than anything else I’ve ever done. If you’re struggling with a decision, don’t know what your life or career path should be, or just want to get to know yourself better and be the best you can be, Tara is the one to call. She's compassionate, professional, and personable. Call her!"

Caitlin Rusch, USA, 

 Learning support assistant

Rosie Aubrey U.K.

Business Owner and peace keeper

"Tara allows me to feel really supported and nurtured, and that she is investing in me as well as the process. She has a lovely openness that puts people at ease. She is reliable, flexible and always willing to support and help.

The transformation has been rapid and I am taking a far more positive and proactive response to my goals and have made significant progress even since starting my engagement with her.


I have felt much more positive, empowered and focused, with far more energy and motivation to achieve my goals."

Lucy.M. U.K.

Life navigator

"Tara worked with me for over 6 months whilst I navigated a major life transition that included an international move with a little one and the start of a new way of working and living in line with my values that I needed to create from the ground up.

Tara's ability to combine a wide range of strong coaching techniques and approaches supported me greatly and helped me to stay fully accountable throughout the life-altering changes that were occurring.

I particularly valued her ability to weave in practical and honest advice taken from her own experiences of navigating transition when I needed it in between robust coaching and exercises.

Tara's handy tips on great podcasts or amazing questions to ponder on were also fantastically useful and were an added bonus to the entire process, as was being able to re-watch sessions with the distance of time and notice how far I had come in getting clearer on what I wanted more of in my life and what steps I could take to get me there."

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