I am a personal development and success coach living in Somerset, U.K.

I thrive on supporting Mums to lead powerful and intentional lives by supporting them to create the life that they truly desire. Stretching you beyond your self-imposed limitations is where I really love to go.  I coach people who have a strong desire to grow, develop and be the leader in ALL areas of their lives.

I have worked as a coach in various professional and non-professional arenas, supporting all clients to achieve success (whatever that means to them). Most of my clients are Mum's and this is who I LOVE to work with but I do not exclude others if we are a good fit. I have therefore also worked with a variety of people, including architects, designers, business owners and store managers.

I was the leader of a women’s empowerment group in Doha, Qatar, which enabled me to support women to overcome hurdles and achieve their best lives in the Middle-East.

My coaching consists of a variety of group coaching programs and one-to-one sessions, all personally tailored to meet the needs of the client.




My journey

I always knew that I wanted to work with people in some capacity. When I was 18 I left my beloved home in the South-West of the U.K. and spent a year in a small African country called Swaziland living and volunteering in a rural Swazi school. The experience changed my perspective and my life at the time. I had seen another way of living and knew that I wanted to have an impact in some way. 


I then went to university in Leicester, U.K. and where I gained a B.A Hons in 'Youth and Community Development' living and working amongst many vibrant and diverse cultures. For 10 years I worked amongst many communities in various capacities, but most prominently working with homeless young people, developing and delivering educational programmes to young people in a busy city hostel in and around Leicester.

In 2010 I moved with my husband and 4 month old baby to Qatar. This was a HUGE step for me as it was WAY out of my comfort zone. I love travelling and different cultures but Qatar was not what I had in mind!  I'm not going to lie, there were some challenging times there but also some amazing ones. We had some experiences which we would not have had if we stayed in our 'comfortable' life back home. Here we have completed our family and our three children have kept us all very busy. In Qatar I also found this wonderful thing called coaching which has, once again, shifted my whole perspective. I currently have a coach of my own who I “think” I cannot afford. My work with her is life changing. I subsequently followed an intentional path which took us all back to the U.K. again where I am practicing what I preach and following my own values and dreams, stretching myself once more.

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